WG Accountants offers

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance comprises the tools enabling your business to take the right short as well as long term decisions in order to maximise the value of the business and to minimise financial risk.

Tax Law

Tax Law is a complex matter.  Continuous in-service training ensures that our team is fully up-to-date with the latest legislation and jurisprudence at all times.

Corporate Law

Corporate law appears in all aspects of corporate life.


The accounts are the backbone of your business.

Asset Planning

Asset planning brings peace of mind. It is a sensible idea to stop and consider how best you can plan your investments and assets in timely fashion to make sure your assets are in good hands later on in life as well.


Over the past few years, we have noticed a huge evolution in the world of digitalization.
WG accountants are part of the pioneers that have chosen to work with online software & tools.


Nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous venir en aide et d’apporter des réponses à toutes vos questions lors d’un entretien sans engagement.

Lors de la création d’une nouvelle société ou du démarrage d’un petit commerce, vous devrez également remplir une foule de formalités administratives.